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Our Vision

It's Pretty simple: To explore every avenue we can to bring you the most amazing flavor you've ever had, by any means necessary. The process to do that is anything but.....

If you haven't figured it out yet, we love peppers! But, we weren't always this crazy about heat and this level of flavor, mainly because we hadn't been exposed to it. Sure, you get some Dave's Insanity Sauce, or some Diablo sauce from Taco Bell and you think you are. I thought I was until I tried real, fresh, homegrown peppers. It's seriously a game changer. I want YOU to have that exposure, and that experience as well. Most think of hot sauces and BBQ sauce companies as very niche markets, with little impact on our quality of life. Delta Mike's will change all of that. Through innovative products maximizing the widest array of flavor and heat you can imagine, and by growing into ever more sustainable processes, I know we're going to inspire a pepper revolution in America. To be clear these are ambitious dreams that we are only at the beginning of making happen, but Rome wasn't built in a day either.

Product Diversity


I know what most of you are thinking: "But...peppers? I don't like spicy foods!". And that's exactly what we're trying to change. Believe it or not, peppers aren't just about heat. It's not just spiciness we love, but how it blends so well with so many amazing flavors, each pepper with their own unique twist. Can't handle heat, but the flavor? I'll have the pepper for you. Ever heard of the Trinidad Perfume Pepper? It's got all of the flavor and none of heat of Habaneros, and I'm going to seize that, develop it, and bring it in a line of products for you to enjoy! Ever heard of Aji Pineapples, a delicious pepper that rates along the lines of Serrano peppers, with a pineapple flavor to it? Well, when we establish Delta Mike's Pepper Farm, you'll be able to buy them by seed, seedling, producing plant, pounds of fresh peppers and an entire line of products for you to enjoy. No matter what level of tolerance you have for heat, I promise we'll have a pepper for you. 

Our diversity in products doesn't just end with the peppers we use. If it's a product we can put peppers in, we will. From jams and jellies hot sauce, BBQ sauce, powders, and salsas produced in-house, to partnerships with other industries to produce pepper cheeses, ice cream, baked goods, and even distilled spirits, we will innovate and integrate peppers into every product we can, all made from our own peppers that we grew by hand, from seed to harvested pepper. 

Innovation and sustainability

We here at Delta Mike's are experts at innovation, and are fiercely driven by it. Whether it's creating a new product to bring you, finding a new pepper to bring you, or breeding our own. Through selective cross-breeding of our peppers we will continue to innovate new varieties, combining the best values of each pepper to bring you a truly unique product unavailable anywhere else. 

Our innovations will continue to shape and change the way you view peppers. As we grow we will continuously analyze our processes to increase efficiency and sustainability. The technology of farming is changing, and as Earth's population continues to grow, our capacity to provide fresh produce dramatically decreases. Centuries of farming have ravaged our soils, which only decreases their production while demand grows. Worse yet, studies have found that an estimated 30% of produce is lost in transit before it ever even hits your supermarket. We here at Delta Mike's want to change that, that's why we're going to establish Delta Mike's Pepper Farm. Through aeroponic and vertical faming technology, we will reduce water consumption by 90%, while maintaining a higher production rate per plant, 90% reduction in footprint, as well as in increase to our number of plants by the thousands. Through investing in rain harvesting and solar power, we will conserve valuable resources and reduce our impact on the environment. 

Delta Mike's will continue to expand throughout the years to come. As it does, we mean to end the waste of produce in transit. Utilizing these innovations in production, we can expand and produce year round in any climate or location, providing the community with fresh produce, finished products, live plants, seedlings, you name it, all while eliminating the need to transport them long distances (reducing waste and increasing the quality of pepper you, our customer, gets) and drastically reducing our carbon footprint. 

Community engagement

We here at Delta Mike's take pride in our communities, and the agricultural and veteran communities are two we hold in the highest regards. As such, we plan to partner with these communities first on a local scale and on to a national scale, culminating with the formation of Delta Mike's Veteran Entrepreneurs Foundation to assist other veterans like myself achieve their own version of the American dream with resources, grants, and education programs.

As we expand our operations, we will continue to re-invest in our local agricultural communities, standing up local chapters of agricultural and veteran non-profits organizations, seeking grants and donations from USDA programs for community facilities, partnering with schools and universities to increase community involvement and investment, and revitalizing local farmer's markets, all while providing jobs in sustainable agriculture. 

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