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Delta Mike's Pepper Company.

We've got a story to tell.


Delta Mike's Pepper Company was born out of a love for all things hot... but the frustration of never being able to find fresh hot peppers at local markets was real. So we stopped looking and started growing. We started with a few choice varieties, grew them in containers, on balconies, wherever we could find the room and when we ran out of room we found more!


We took homegrown peppers and threw them in our home-cooking, then came the experimentation. The recipes we came up with, we couldn't get enough of -- our  love of heat became an obsession, and we had to share it with our friends and families and community.


Today, on a tiny patch of land in Highlands, TX, we breed the hottest pepper varieties you'll ever find on earth, including: Habanero, Ghost Chili, Trinidad Scorpions, Carolina Reapers, Scotch Bonnet, Cayenne, Jalapeño and so many more.


We blend our peppers with fresh ingredients to make BAR-B-Q sauces, hot sauces and powder blends that will fuck your shit up.

That's a promise.

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Meet the dude that makes all this delicious stuff

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Like any other aspiring business, we enjoy sharing our progress with our customers, friends, and family. So we decided to start a blog!

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